Subject and Subjectivity is a conversational game that tasks players with matching their friends with ideal bachelors. You may use right-click to think about different directions to steer the conversation to learn what your friends think about the different bachelors. The game can be played with authored characters opinions, or with procedurally generated character opinions (toggled in the options menu). The game does not have strict win/lose conditions and is meant more as an exploratory game where the means of exploring is through conversation.

This is meant to be a prototype game, the WebGL version is playable only at 1024x768 resolutions whereas the downloadable files can only be played at 1920x1080 resolutions.

This game was made in collaboration with Lablablab at Concordia University.


Subject and 34 MB
Subject and 32 MB
Subject and 15 MB
Subject and 17 MB

Install instructions

Download proper version. The prototype is unfortunately only locked to 1920x1080 resolution


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Hey this looks cool, but I can't get past the intro screen on mac  😮

Hi, thanks for your interest and sorry to hear that this is a problem. I haven't been able to replicate it but I'm hoping to have a WebGL version up soon that should resolve most of this!